Eima agrimach, New Delhi, India
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Eima agrimach, New Delhi, India

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Eima agrimach, New Delhi, India            

Host city: Pragati Maidan, Medan Exhibition Center, New Delhi, India            Southeast Asia professional exhibition            

Exhibition industry: Agriculture            

Organizer: Organizing Committee of Italian agricultural machinery exhibition            Holding cycle: once every two years            

Exhibition area: 16678 square meters            

Number of exhibitors: 435            

Audience: 40000            

The organizer of the India agricultural machinery exhibition in 2019 is the Organizing Committee of the Italian agricultural machinery exhibition, which is the best agricultural machinery and garden machinery exhibition in India and Southeast Asia. According to the past two sessions, China's agricultural machinery, agricultural machinery, agricultural machinery parts, sprayers, mower, micro tillage machine, irrigation, food processing and other agricultural products enterprises have a very good outcome. They are one of the five exhibitions that China's agricultural machinery enterprises have to join the best consequence, which is commensurate with the results of Hannover, Italy and Turkey.            

India's domestic agricultural machinery fair is held every two years, and it is the most amateur and the most consequential Overseas Agricultural Machinery Exhibition in India. In 2015, more than 400 enterprises from more than 10 countries and regions, such as Germany, France, Italy, the United States, Japan and China, participated in the Expo, with an exhibition area of 20000 square meters and entertaining 30000 amateur visitors. The effect after the exhibition was very obvious. Indian market: India is one of the three largest producers of large-scale crops, including wheat, rice, beans (chickpea, pigeon bean, cowpea, dried bean, etc.), cotton, peanut, fruit and vegetable. India has the world's largest livestock producer, the largest milk producer, and the largest and fastest growing poultry production base. Today, India once had more arable land than the United States, with the largest amount of irrigated land in the world. These circumstances fully illustrate that India is very necessary for agricultural mechanization and mutual assistance and exchange with the world. China and India should and will strive to do a good job in the import and export trade of agricultural machinery and agricultural products between the two countries! India is one of the largest potential agricultural producers in the world.            

Range of exhibits            

Agricultural machinery: tractor, harvester, transplanter, micro tiller, rotary tiller, all kinds of agricultural machinery, field operation machinery, tillage and planting machinery, plant protection machinery, internal combustion engine, generator set, engine unit, drainage and irrigation and water-saving irrigation equipment            Animal husbandry machinery: grassland construction machinery, green feed machinery and binding machinery, feed (grass) processing machinery and equipment, shed construction and monitoring equipment, dairy products processing machinery, etc            

Horticultural machinery: mower, garden supplies, lawn maintenance equipment            Facility Agriculture: all kinds of greenhouse machinery and equipment, construction materials, greenhouse automation, irrigation, water pump and drainage system, etc            

Crop transportation equipment:

pickup truck, light truck, agricultural bus, agricultural transport vehicle, deformation tractor, trailer, etc            

Agricultural and sideline products processing machinery:

seed processing equipment, grain and oil processing equipment, cotton and hemp processing machinery, food processing machinery, fruit and vegetable deep processing machinery, livestock and poultry slaughtering and processing machinery, preservation and transportation storage equipment            

Pavilion information            

Pragati Maidan, Medan, New Delhi, India            

Venue area: 100000 square meters            

Country and region: India New Delhi            

Tel. + 91-11-23371540            

Address: near Delphi Zoological Park Mathura road Delphi India


  Tel: 008613962088902​​​​​​​


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